Glutino: English Muffin

For the most part I dislike all Glutino products. This however is my favorite gf bread. It holds up well to moister sandwiches and is light and fluffy.

When I first tried this in a Denny’s I thought I had been lied to. It was too good to be gf. But nope, the waitress comes back and showed me the package and that began my hunt. This is a staple in my kitchen despite the fact that it is expensive and I usually buy 5-6 packs at a time.

Now while this is called an English muffin it really isn’t anything like a real one. It is less dense and doesn’t have the same taste. Don’t let that get you down though, this is by far the single best bread and so worth the price.

Seriously if anything on my blog this is the one thing I implore everyone to try.

Rating: 10/10




If you have found this product somewhere else please leave a comment so I may add it to the list.

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